Paint restoration is a clear coolsafe premium wax that provides superior, durable gloss on all painted surfaces. It gives your vechile a deep, lusturous, wet look and help achieve a top grade finish quickly.

  • Paint restoration Wax Gives You Long Lasting Shine
  • Professional PTFE protectant for all types of paint
  • Polishes surfaces and makes colours vibrant
  • non-staining to plastics
  • various use: Pastel paints, metallic coatings, etc.
  • reduced consumption of product
  • excellent resistance to scratches caused by: car wash brushes, sand, dust, gravel, etc
  • High molecular weight polish:The polish molecules do not harm the environment and consequently do not settle on surfaces to be painted, thus eliminating typical painting problems
  • excellent penetration in micro-cracks
  • complete sealing of painted and chrome-plated surfaces